What do the results tell us

The results of your semen analysis will be available on the day of the test. At your My Fertility Check consultation, your fertility specialist will discuss the results with you and what impact, if any, those results will have on your fertility. They will advise you on next steps and talk to you about your options.

If test results reveal low levels of sperm concentration and/or motility, failure to conceive may be considered a ‘Male Factor’. A repeat sample is recommended in cases of low or borderline levels for further analysis. Viral screening blood tests (for Hepatitis B core antibody, Hepatitis C surface antigen and HIV) will be required at this point.

The fertility specialist will discuss your medical history and lifestyle to help identify any changes you might make to boost your fertility potential. For further information on lifestyle tips visit Your Health When Trying For A Baby.

Following your consultation, you will receive a personalised report detailing the results of your semen analysis and specialist advice particular to you.